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Taking notes has never been this fast.  Actually find the notes you took two weeks ago. Did we mention your notes sync with Google Docs? Yeah, we thought of that too. Experience NoteSync by downloading NoteSync Desktop for free or grab NoteSync Android in the Android Market for $.99

Features, gotta have 'em

NoteSync supports quick notes, text notes, easy notes, and simple notes

Take notes fast
Turn thoughts into notes without being limited by software.

Notes sync is note software that syncs digital notes to Google docs

Sync notes with Google Docs
Notes sync every minute
or when you feel like it.

Intuitive note searching enables you to find your text notes fast

Search notes fast
Every keystroke searches for the note you are looking for.

Take notes with confidence that sync with android, sync notes with google, and sync notes iphone are done securely

Secure HTTPS transmission.
Encrypted local file storage.

Note Sync shortcuts allow you to take notes, even digital notes and desktop note as quickly as paper sticky notes

Keyboard shortcuts
Intuitive shortcuts make key tasks as easy as the press of a button.

Take iPhone notes with NoteSync iPhone, an iPhone note app - sync with Android with NoteSync Android

Everywhere you go
Your notes are on your phone, desktop, and the web.

NoteSync Desktop

NoteSync lets you take notes fast and sync them with your Google Docs account. Keyboard shortcuts like CTR-L put your cursor in the search bar to easily search for notes or create a new note. Automatic syncing happens every minute or when you feel like it by pressing the sync button. Offline mode fully supported. Try NoteSync today!

NoteSync Android

NoteSync Android has been released! Get it at the Android Market for $0.99! Our most requested feature is getting NoteSync notes on your phone, so we listened.

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